A selection of meze at Kaplan Dag Restoran

Update July 11 2015: TWO SPOTS LEFT, with option to bring a non-participating partner to join meals and outings but not classes. Email robyn.eckhardt@gmail.com or drhagerman@gmail.com for information.

To be notified by email of future workshops please send us an email. 

Who is this workshop for?

Food bloggers, food writers and food and travel photographers at all skill levels. Writers and bloggers who want to add to their skill set and create more compelling on-site and styled food images, food bloggers who want to pursue a freelancing career and/or write and photograph a book, and aspiring food and travel photographers with an interest in writing about food will all benefit from this workshop.Classes/instruction combined with hands-on photographic practice in the field AND private coaching/workshop sessions with photography and writing instructors will enable participants to maximize and tailor their experience to their individual needs and goals.

What should I bring?

Your camera, extra memory cards, batteries and charger and a laptop computer for viewing and editing photos and for short in-class writing assignments. Notebooks and pens. (David will send out a detailed photographic packing list 1-2 months before the workshop.)

Alcohol in Turkey is very expensive. If you enjoy a drink before dinner or bed max out your duty free limit (1 bottle of hard liquor + 1 bottle of wine OR 2 bottles of wine) on arrival at Istanbul Ataturk Airport. Well-stocked Duty Free shops are located in the baggage claim area after immigration. If you’re flying straight to Izmir from Istanbul be sure to ask the Duty Free shop cashier to SEAL your purchase so that you can carry it onto a domestic flight.

Can I bring my spouse/partner/friend?

Yes! We have room for 3 workshop participants to bring a non-participating partner who will share your room (with a double bed) and join us for all meals and excursions but not for writing, photography or cooking instruction. The cost to bring a non-participating partner (see our Accomodations and Costs page for details) covers the hotel’s charges for an extra person in your room and their hotel breakfasts and all meals and transport within the scope of the workshop.

Do I need a visa?

Americans, Australians and most citizens of Asian citizens need a visa to enter Turkey, which has implemented an efficient online visa system. Multiple entry visas good for 180 days cost $20 for Americans. It takes just 5 minutes to get your Turkish visa, here.

How will I get to Alacati?

You can reach Alacati via an easy one-hour flight from Istanbul to Izmir, which serviced by dozens of daily flights from Istanbul via Turkish Airlines and budget carrier Pegasus Airlines. From Izmir’s airport, take a one-hour shuttle (50 TL / $23 per person) or book a taxi (about 140 TL/ $64 per car) for the 45-60 minute drive to Alacati and our hotel.

(We may, if enough participants wish to coordinate their flights, arrange group transfer from the airport to the hotel at a reduced cost. This possibility will be floated among participants closer to the date of the workshop.)

You can also rent a car from Izmir airport at a cost of about $50/day including insurance and unlimited mileage — an option that will give non-participating partners the freedom to explore the area at will. We have used the consolidated car hire service Argus Car Hire in Turkey over a dozen times, and recommend it. The idea of Turkey as a dangerous/difficult country in which to drive is a myth; Turkish drivers, while sometimes impatient, are rarely reckless, and roads are very well-marked (see this post). If you wish to rent a car you will need a valid driver’s license from your state/country of residence and an international driver’s license.

Can I arrive before the workshop begins and/or stay on in Alacati after it finishes?

Of course. If you wish to arrive early or stay late at our venue please contact Tas Hotel directly, here. Alacati boasts loads of lodgings at a range of price levels; search on agoda.com or booking.com. If you wish to explore more of the region after the workshop, consider renting a car and following this itinerary in reverse.

What should I wear?

Turkey is a Muslim country but the Aegean region is relatively relaxed. Avoid shorts (women; men will feel most comfortable in shorts that reach to the knee) but feel free to wear skirts and short sleeves and sandals. (Pack a bathing suit in the event of warm weather!) In autumn the weather can vary from warm and sunny to chilly and rainy. Layers are a good idea; keep an eye on the forecast for Alacati in the lead-up to the workshop and pack appropriately.

Have a question we haven’t answered here? Contact David (drhagerman@gmail.com) or Robyn (robyn.eckhardt@gmail.com).


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